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From the parent’s point of view:

I have very little time. I’m torn. I have so many things to do, but I want to help my child learn.  What’s the answer? I’m lost, and it’s so hard to watch my child struggle.

From the child’s point of view

Hey, I’m a kid.  I want to get better grades, but I just don’t understand this stuff. Everybody else gets it except me. If I could do my homework, then my mom and dad would be proud of me, but school is so hard. I try. Really, I do!

From my point of view

I’m a private tutor. I can show you how to more effectively use the time you can spend to help your child with homework.

I know that the simple, tested techniques in Teach Your Child to Learn, A Parent’s Guide, truly do work. They present a pivotal skill in each subject giving a child confidence to learn more advanced subject material.