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From the parent’s point of view:

I have very little time. I’m torn. I have so many things to do, but I want to help my child learn.  What’s the answer? I’m lost, and it’s so hard to watch my child struggle.

From the child’s point of view

Hey, I’m a kid.  I want to get better grades, but I just don’t understand this stuff. Everybody else gets it except me. If I could do my homework, then my mom and dad would be proud of me, but school is so hard. I try. Really, I do!

From my point of view

I’m a private tutor. I can show you how to more effectively use the time you can spend to help your child with homework.

I know that the simple, tested techniques in Teach Your Child to Learn, A Parent’s Guide, truly do work. They present a pivotal skill in each subject giving a child confidence to learn more advanced subject material.

Jan Sixt likes kids. Heck, she even likes their parents. And when you like people, you open up to them. Her book—a tested recipe for teaching kids how to ‘get it’—turns her unique one-on-one experience and just plain wisdom into priceless knowledge, and turns parents into teachers. Painlessly.

Sheldon Harper, Author

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